Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Just About Time!

Baby Natalie,

We found out we will be inducing labor on Thursday morning, 10/11/12!
Tomorrow, your Daddy and I will be going to Magee Hospital in Oakland.
While we are there, they are going to give Mommy some medicine to prepare my body for you to make your way into the world!
I've had some issues with my blood pressure which is why they are bringing you a day before your due date.
But no worries, sweet pea, I will do my best even though I am so nervous!
I am praying that your delivery is smooth and that you love the life we can give to you.

You truly are the blessing in disguise that I never realized I wanted in life until I finally had you.
Whether you have my eyes and your Daddy's nose, no matter what you look like you are going to be beautiful, precious, and our own little girl.
We've waited weeks and weeks for you, and now we are supposed to meet you at 39 weeks & 6 days!!
I can only hope that you are as ready to meet us as we are you, Beautiful Baby!
No matter how much I have to struggle, you are worth every bit of sweat and tears I may endure.
The moment your Daddy and I get to hold you in our arms will be the best moment of our lives so far.
So, here we are about to step into the beginning of our life together sweet girl.
You will be the true beginning of our family, the greatest gift we'll ever recieve.

I cannot wait to love on you, hold you, and kiss you.
And I know your Daddy shares the same exact feelings!
See you soon, Baby Natalie! Love you!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tomorrow is 39 weeks!!

Miss Natalie,

Can you believe it? We are literally within hours and days of just meeting you, FINALLY!!
This whole journey of the past 9 months has been undeniably beautiful,exciting, and interesting to say the least. :)
You're Daddy and I are beside ourselves knowing that we will have you in our arms very soon.
I hope you are ready to meet us, too!
Tomorrow, we meet with one of your three doctors and she will let us know if we will be getting induced or if you will be coming on your own time.
However, I am just ready to meet your beautiful face right now!
I'm impatient now that we know you are so close, sweet baby girl!

We saw you last at 35 weeks and you were over 6 lbs all ready!

Now today we are at 38 weeks and 6 days and I feel like you are at least 8 lbs!
I am sure that you will be perfect, regardless of how big or small you may be!
Momma swears she will make delivery as easy for you as possible, sweet girl.
Your nursery is all ready for you.
Daddy and I put the fininshing touches on it just for you!
And there is no way to mistake it was all put together just for you!
Your crib is white, with adorable animals on the bedding.
Daddy hand painted your dresser just to match!
We even put your sweet name on the Wall surrounded by wall art.
It's perfect, now all we need is you!

Your Daddy and I also got our pictures taken with you in my belly.
It was at 36 weeks, but we can't wait to have our first family photos taken with you!

Moose and Madison, too, of course! You're puppies just cannot wait for your arrival.
All they want to do is kiss and cuddle you, so sweet. :)

We love you Baby Natalie!! We cannot wait to see you so very soon!
Love always,

Monday, August 20, 2012

32 weeks & counting!

Oh hello, beautiful baby,

Whom is currently enjoying the double chocolate chip muffin we shared for breakfast!
It was delicious, and you are clearly enjoying it as well! :)

I cannot believe how fast along you are moving to prepare for delivery.
Just a few months ago, it felt like it was going to be forever.
Now we are around 60 days until we meet! Maybe more, maybe less.
Only you can decide that baby Natalie!
You've been such an active baby, I love watching you roll across my tummy.
You must think I am a jungle gym in there!
It never fails, we can always find your "toosh" and feet but nothing else! haha
The doctor says you're going to be ready to make your first appearance soon
and that you're still measuring pretty big.
When we last heard your heartbeat, we were 31 weeks and you were all ready
measuring into your 33rd! Now we are 32w3d and that would make
you measuring at somewhere within 34 weeks, whew!

Well, before your grand entrace, your Daddy and I are going to Ocean City!!
We are going to relax, enjoy one another, and continue getting excited to meet you!
Just imagine, this time next year we'll be taking you to the beach with us!!
I am SURE you're going to be a little fish just like your Daddy :).

We are both so excited to see you, count your fingers and toes,
love on you, kiss you, hug you, and devote our lives to you.
We LOVE you more than anything, sweet baby girl.
You've literally stolen your Daddy's heart, and it's the most amazing thing to watch.
I cannot wait to see his reaction whenever he and I welcome you into the world!
You're going to be so much fun, a challenge, and the ultimate gift to us.
I just hope we are able to make you as happy as you'll make us!

Stay strong, beautiful baby. If you keep growing like a bean we'll be seeing you
on an ultrasound at about 38 weeks. If you are measuring even bigger then,
we'll probably be seeing you in less than 50 days for an earlier delivery!!
Love you, sweet girl. Keep kicking me all the time :)


Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Week of our Twenties!

Baby Natalie,

Can you believe we are all ready half way through our 29th week together?
The time is flying, and we are beyond excited to meet you!
The countdown until your expected birth day began the other day,
officially 74 days and counting today!

Your Daddy and I have been so busy getting everything ready for you that I
haven't had much time to write to you.
Your Grandma Cathy gave us some amazing furniture to use in your room,
and your Daddy has spent days if not weeks preparing it!
He's painted it white, pink, and purple, just for you! I know you'll love it.
It has been wonderful seeing how excited he is for his baby girl to arrive!
We still have to build your crib, and move everything into your room.
If only your puppies Moose & Madison would cooperate and not try to sneak in there at night! :)

We have your shower on Sunday, where all of our friends and family are coming to celebrate your arrival.
I don't know anyone who isn't beyond excited to meet you, Baby Natalie.
You're the most precious gift I've ever known, and I am still so spoiled
getting to spend each and every day with you in my tummy.
I watch you bounce around inside me, Daddy gets so jealous.
We just lay together, and watch your jump around making waves in my belly where
your little arms and legs poke out.
You gave Moose quite a scare the other night. He was leaning his head on my lap,
well what is left of it, and you kicked him right in the head!
He looked at me like it was my fault! Ha ha, it was so silly.
Your puppies are the sweetest dogs, I can only imagine how much they will love and kiss you!

Every day your Daddy and I are getting more and more anxious for your arrival.
It is going to be one of the happiest days of our lives.
You're a little big for how far along they think you are, but you're so healthy!
When we met with your doctor last week you were measuring 2 weeks ahead!
That made you just over 3 lbs. and about 16-17 inches long!
You're going to be the cutest baby in this world,
and without you even knowing it, you've all ready stolen our hearts!

We love you Natalie Claire,
and cannot wait to meet you soon!
Stay healthy and strong for Mommy & Daddy!

Love Always,

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5th month & working on the 6th!

Well, Little Miss Natalie, we have been having some stressful weeks!
Your Grandma Betty, who is BEYOND excited for your arrival, has been having some health troubles.
Since we found out Grandma will have to get surgery, we went on a shopping spree just to celebrate you!
Just WAIT until you get to wear all of the adorable outfits Grandma bought for you,
you'll be the cutest baby in the world!
However, that is all ready an understanding that you'll be the cutest baby! :)

Other than that, it's very clear you're not a milkshake kind of girl!
Every time I have one I get incredibly sick, so I am taking note of that now.
As long as you still love ice cream, which you definitely do adore cookies'n'cream, we're in good shape!

Daddy and I are beyond excited to see you again this week.
We have to have another ultrasound so they can double check your heart.
Remember last time, you kept rolling away from the camera?
Well, be more like Mommy, don't be camera shy and give them a nice, clean shot!
It'll just make us feel so much better to see your little heart beating away, healthily.

Natalie, the weeks are going by so fast! We are all ready through 5 whole months and working on the 6th!
Before we know it, my little pumpkin will be in our arms in October.
However, I am convinced you're going to make a September arrival...
You're so much like your Daddy now, I can only imagine once I finally get to meet you.

You had the hiccups for the first time that I could feel the other night.
Your Daddy had a fire call, he had to be some one else's hero for a little while, and he woke us up.
You were not happy about that, that was evident with all the kicking and punching! :)
However, your hiccups were the sweetest little thing in this world.
But it is probably a tie with Daddy and I being able to feel your little feet through my bellly.
You're the sweetest thing I have yet to even know, but I love you more with each passing day!

Stay healthy, baby girl, I cannot wait to see you on Thursday!
You're the most amazing gift I could ever ask for, that I never thought I deserved!
Your Daddy & I LOVE YOU!!!

Love Always,


Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's A Girl!!

It's A GIRL!!

How lucky are we to finally know we are having a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!

Your name is going to be Natalie Claire and we are beyond excited to meet you!
However, your Daddy and I can all ready tell you that you're stubborn.
Every picture the ultrasound tech was trying to get you'd swing your arms and roll away.
I wish you knew how much you're like your Daddy when he sleeps!

Everything looked great, from what we could tell.
You are measuring at about 20 weeks according to the ultrasound but we are still expecting your arrival to be 10/12/12!
I'm so jealous that you'll have an October birthday! It's always such a wonderful time of year.
But, what makes it even better is that you'll be here before we know it.
You were so silly today.
It makes me wonder what we are in store for here in the coming months!

Well, it's time to get down to really planning and decorating and getting ready for your arrival, pretty baby!
We love you Natalie! Mommy and Daddy cannot wait to see you soon!

Love Always,

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kick Daddy when he's down!

Well, you sure know how to kick Daddy when he's down!
For days, he's been trying to feel you inside my tummy.
Every night, he lays his head on my lap and rests his hands on my belly with hopes of you kicking.

And finally, after 4 days of trying, you're Daddy finally was about to give up.
And there you were! You kicked once, and he thought at first it wasn't you.
But then I felt you go again and again, and he finally got to feel you!
You must have been pretty satisfied with dinner last night :)

You're Daddy was as happy as could be after that.
Who knew something so small could light up his entire day! :)

We finally get to see you tomorrow morning, at 8:15 AM!
We will find out if your are going to be sweet little Roger Owen or Natalie Claire.

We are counting down the minutes, sweet Baby.
Love you, and cannot wait to see you soon!