Monday, May 14, 2012

1st Kick!

Oh little baby,
you defnitely made your presence known this past weekend!
I wasn't expecting to feel you just yet.
But there it was, 6:30 AM on 5/12/2012!
I was exactly 18w1d pregnant with you!

I was laying down on my back,
feeling lonely because your Daddy had just left minutes sooner.
All of a sudden, I felt something different, inside.
Then again, much stronger this time, I felt your kicks inside!
I couldn't believe it, I was shocked and started crying instantly.
You indeed did make an impression on me.
I couldn't have been any happier, little baby.
Plus, on top of that I finally get to see you again on Thursday.
I really needed to feel you, I was having a rough week and that was
the best way to finish it for me.

Now I want to feel you inside of my tummy again and again,
but sadly haven't yet.
But I have noticed that you like to lay on the left side of my tummy.
Whenever I try to lay that way, your little self makes my side and fingers go numb!
However, I don't mind as long as YOU are comfortable!

Well, little Baby, I cannot wait to see you on Thursday.
I love you, stay safe and healthy inside of me!


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