Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's A Girl!!

It's A GIRL!!

How lucky are we to finally know we are having a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!

Your name is going to be Natalie Claire and we are beyond excited to meet you!
However, your Daddy and I can all ready tell you that you're stubborn.
Every picture the ultrasound tech was trying to get you'd swing your arms and roll away.
I wish you knew how much you're like your Daddy when he sleeps!

Everything looked great, from what we could tell.
You are measuring at about 20 weeks according to the ultrasound but we are still expecting your arrival to be 10/12/12!
I'm so jealous that you'll have an October birthday! It's always such a wonderful time of year.
But, what makes it even better is that you'll be here before we know it.
You were so silly today.
It makes me wonder what we are in store for here in the coming months!

Well, it's time to get down to really planning and decorating and getting ready for your arrival, pretty baby!
We love you Natalie! Mommy and Daddy cannot wait to see you soon!

Love Always,

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