Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kick Daddy when he's down!

Well, you sure know how to kick Daddy when he's down!
For days, he's been trying to feel you inside my tummy.
Every night, he lays his head on my lap and rests his hands on my belly with hopes of you kicking.

And finally, after 4 days of trying, you're Daddy finally was about to give up.
And there you were! You kicked once, and he thought at first it wasn't you.
But then I felt you go again and again, and he finally got to feel you!
You must have been pretty satisfied with dinner last night :)

You're Daddy was as happy as could be after that.
Who knew something so small could light up his entire day! :)

We finally get to see you tomorrow morning, at 8:15 AM!
We will find out if your are going to be sweet little Roger Owen or Natalie Claire.

We are counting down the minutes, sweet Baby.
Love you, and cannot wait to see you soon!


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