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Sunday, 12 February 2012

I originally started my blog elsewhere... and I am really not crazy about it. Therefore, I am going to carry everything over and start fresh here! :)

The first time I knew of you...

The first time I knew of you, I was in utter disbelief.
You're Daddy and I, we had only recently been married and were enjoying our lives together. We had no idea that this soon in our jouney, that we would be blessed with a beautiful being created from our love. It was our 2 month anniversary + 1 day, February 3rd, 2012 to be exact. And all of a sudden, those little lines on the test finally meant something more, you were coming to the world.
At 24 years old, I had everything I wanted in life, I thought.Until I realized, fulling saturated into my heart, that I found a love as deep as my love for your Daddy, for someone who isn't even here yet.

  • It made sense though, God had mysterious ways of working for your Daddy and I. He made everything happen for us, even you.
    For years, I was terrified to even consider having a baby, but now it didn't even cross my mind. All i could imagine was the first day I'll get to meet you.
    On February 9th, your status in my tummy was confirmed.
    The midwife sealed the deal, you were definitely growing, and at least 6 1/2 weeks along.
    October 3rd is the day, for now, that we are destined to meet each other face to face.
    I can only imagine how perfect you are going to be.
    If you're a girl, you'll make a beautiful Natalie Claire.
    If you're a boy, you'll be a handsome Roger Owen.
    Daddy and I cannot wait to meet you, wonderful baby.
    I promise, the preperations will continue until the destined day.
    Our first ultrasound is Thursday, February 16, 2012.
    This will be the first time I get to see a picture of you, however you will be itty bitty compared to when we meet you in the coming months.
    Your Daddy says he is going to cry when he sees you. It made tears come to my eyes just thinking about it.
    We are so blessed to be able to welcome you, baby, into our lives.
    Your Daddy and I all ready love you very much, and the love is always growing.
    We cannot wait to see you soon.
    Love Always,
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