Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5th month & working on the 6th!

Well, Little Miss Natalie, we have been having some stressful weeks!
Your Grandma Betty, who is BEYOND excited for your arrival, has been having some health troubles.
Since we found out Grandma will have to get surgery, we went on a shopping spree just to celebrate you!
Just WAIT until you get to wear all of the adorable outfits Grandma bought for you,
you'll be the cutest baby in the world!
However, that is all ready an understanding that you'll be the cutest baby! :)

Other than that, it's very clear you're not a milkshake kind of girl!
Every time I have one I get incredibly sick, so I am taking note of that now.
As long as you still love ice cream, which you definitely do adore cookies'n'cream, we're in good shape!

Daddy and I are beyond excited to see you again this week.
We have to have another ultrasound so they can double check your heart.
Remember last time, you kept rolling away from the camera?
Well, be more like Mommy, don't be camera shy and give them a nice, clean shot!
It'll just make us feel so much better to see your little heart beating away, healthily.

Natalie, the weeks are going by so fast! We are all ready through 5 whole months and working on the 6th!
Before we know it, my little pumpkin will be in our arms in October.
However, I am convinced you're going to make a September arrival...
You're so much like your Daddy now, I can only imagine once I finally get to meet you.

You had the hiccups for the first time that I could feel the other night.
Your Daddy had a fire call, he had to be some one else's hero for a little while, and he woke us up.
You were not happy about that, that was evident with all the kicking and punching! :)
However, your hiccups were the sweetest little thing in this world.
But it is probably a tie with Daddy and I being able to feel your little feet through my bellly.
You're the sweetest thing I have yet to even know, but I love you more with each passing day!

Stay healthy, baby girl, I cannot wait to see you on Thursday!
You're the most amazing gift I could ever ask for, that I never thought I deserved!
Your Daddy & I LOVE YOU!!!

Love Always,


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