Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Week of our Twenties!

Baby Natalie,

Can you believe we are all ready half way through our 29th week together?
The time is flying, and we are beyond excited to meet you!
The countdown until your expected birth day began the other day,
officially 74 days and counting today!

Your Daddy and I have been so busy getting everything ready for you that I
haven't had much time to write to you.
Your Grandma Cathy gave us some amazing furniture to use in your room,
and your Daddy has spent days if not weeks preparing it!
He's painted it white, pink, and purple, just for you! I know you'll love it.
It has been wonderful seeing how excited he is for his baby girl to arrive!
We still have to build your crib, and move everything into your room.
If only your puppies Moose & Madison would cooperate and not try to sneak in there at night! :)

We have your shower on Sunday, where all of our friends and family are coming to celebrate your arrival.
I don't know anyone who isn't beyond excited to meet you, Baby Natalie.
You're the most precious gift I've ever known, and I am still so spoiled
getting to spend each and every day with you in my tummy.
I watch you bounce around inside me, Daddy gets so jealous.
We just lay together, and watch your jump around making waves in my belly where
your little arms and legs poke out.
You gave Moose quite a scare the other night. He was leaning his head on my lap,
well what is left of it, and you kicked him right in the head!
He looked at me like it was my fault! Ha ha, it was so silly.
Your puppies are the sweetest dogs, I can only imagine how much they will love and kiss you!

Every day your Daddy and I are getting more and more anxious for your arrival.
It is going to be one of the happiest days of our lives.
You're a little big for how far along they think you are, but you're so healthy!
When we met with your doctor last week you were measuring 2 weeks ahead!
That made you just over 3 lbs. and about 16-17 inches long!
You're going to be the cutest baby in this world,
and without you even knowing it, you've all ready stolen our hearts!

We love you Natalie Claire,
and cannot wait to meet you soon!
Stay healthy and strong for Mommy & Daddy!

Love Always,

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