Monday, August 20, 2012

32 weeks & counting!

Oh hello, beautiful baby,

Whom is currently enjoying the double chocolate chip muffin we shared for breakfast!
It was delicious, and you are clearly enjoying it as well! :)

I cannot believe how fast along you are moving to prepare for delivery.
Just a few months ago, it felt like it was going to be forever.
Now we are around 60 days until we meet! Maybe more, maybe less.
Only you can decide that baby Natalie!
You've been such an active baby, I love watching you roll across my tummy.
You must think I am a jungle gym in there!
It never fails, we can always find your "toosh" and feet but nothing else! haha
The doctor says you're going to be ready to make your first appearance soon
and that you're still measuring pretty big.
When we last heard your heartbeat, we were 31 weeks and you were all ready
measuring into your 33rd! Now we are 32w3d and that would make
you measuring at somewhere within 34 weeks, whew!

Well, before your grand entrace, your Daddy and I are going to Ocean City!!
We are going to relax, enjoy one another, and continue getting excited to meet you!
Just imagine, this time next year we'll be taking you to the beach with us!!
I am SURE you're going to be a little fish just like your Daddy :).

We are both so excited to see you, count your fingers and toes,
love on you, kiss you, hug you, and devote our lives to you.
We LOVE you more than anything, sweet baby girl.
You've literally stolen your Daddy's heart, and it's the most amazing thing to watch.
I cannot wait to see his reaction whenever he and I welcome you into the world!
You're going to be so much fun, a challenge, and the ultimate gift to us.
I just hope we are able to make you as happy as you'll make us!

Stay strong, beautiful baby. If you keep growing like a bean we'll be seeing you
on an ultrasound at about 38 weeks. If you are measuring even bigger then,
we'll probably be seeing you in less than 50 days for an earlier delivery!!
Love you, sweet girl. Keep kicking me all the time :)


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