Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Just About Time!

Baby Natalie,

We found out we will be inducing labor on Thursday morning, 10/11/12!
Tomorrow, your Daddy and I will be going to Magee Hospital in Oakland.
While we are there, they are going to give Mommy some medicine to prepare my body for you to make your way into the world!
I've had some issues with my blood pressure which is why they are bringing you a day before your due date.
But no worries, sweet pea, I will do my best even though I am so nervous!
I am praying that your delivery is smooth and that you love the life we can give to you.

You truly are the blessing in disguise that I never realized I wanted in life until I finally had you.
Whether you have my eyes and your Daddy's nose, no matter what you look like you are going to be beautiful, precious, and our own little girl.
We've waited weeks and weeks for you, and now we are supposed to meet you at 39 weeks & 6 days!!
I can only hope that you are as ready to meet us as we are you, Beautiful Baby!
No matter how much I have to struggle, you are worth every bit of sweat and tears I may endure.
The moment your Daddy and I get to hold you in our arms will be the best moment of our lives so far.
So, here we are about to step into the beginning of our life together sweet girl.
You will be the true beginning of our family, the greatest gift we'll ever recieve.

I cannot wait to love on you, hold you, and kiss you.
And I know your Daddy shares the same exact feelings!
See you soon, Baby Natalie! Love you!


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